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WorkCover urges businesses to prevent slips, trips and falls

Posted by Administration on 22 May 2013

WorkCover NSW is reminding businesses of the importance of preventing injuries from slips, trips and falls after more than 71,000 workers were injured and 24 killed over the past three years.

(General Manager of WorkCover’s Work Health and Safety Division, John Watson, said slips, trips and falls were among the most common causes of workplace injuries and deaths.

“Slips, trips and falls include falling from a height, falling over on the same level as well as stepping, kneeling or sitting on an object that causes an injury,” Mr Watson said.

“From 2009 to 2011, there were 71,932 workers compensation claims for workers injured or killed as a result of slips, trips and falls at a cost of $649 million to the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme.

“Common causes of workplace slips, trips and falls include spillages, workplace clutter, uneven floor surfaces and the use of ladders.“Despite this, there are simple steps businesses can take to reduce the risk of an incident.

“These include identifying the problem, assessing the cause, eliminating or controlling the hazard and monitoring it.”

Mr Watson added that if a worker is injured in a slip, trip or fall, the business must have an adequate return to work plan for the injured worker.

“Getting back to work quickly is the best outcome for an injured worker,” Mr Watson said.“For those unable to return to their pre-injury job, WorkCover has a range of vocational rehabilitation programs to help workers return to suitable employment.”

Mr Watson pointed out that some businesses may find that they need to make safety improvements to reduce the risk of slips, trips or falls.

“WorkCover recognises that finding money for safety improvements can be challenging,” he said.

“To support small businesses and sole traders, WorkCover offers rebates of up to $500 to help purchase and install safety improvements through its Small Business Rebate Program.”)

For more information on how to prevent slips, trips and falls in your workplace or the Small Business Rebate Program call WorkCover NSW on 13 10 50 or visit www.workcover.nsw.gov.au.

Source:  Workcover NSW

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