Why buy sorbents from Gecko Cleantech?

For over twenty years, we've helped thousands of customers across Australia choose the right sorbent for their needs.

Choosing the right product based on usage can extend replacement intervals while reducing your costs and environmental footprint. This means saving the environment doesn't have to cost you any extra. The experts at Gecko Cleantech will direct you to the best product for your needs, taking both cost and environmental footprint into account.


Gecko Cleantech sorbents are trusted by local, state, and federal government organisations, multinational manufacturing and construction companies, mining, oil, and gas companies, energy generators, and many other critical industries. G-Sorb sorbents are high quality and can be relied on to perform when it counts.


Sorbent lifespan can be increased by choosing the right sorbent for the job and following best practice advice on how to use it. This prevents unnecessary waste and proves far more economical over time.


Using the right product helps to eliminate slipping hazards in the workplace while minimising damage to the substrate and environment. The right quality sorbents also prevent lint and other contaminants being generated during machine maintenance.

Call us for assistance. We will suggest exactly the right product for your needs!


Sorbents are spill tools that have been specially designed to collect spills of hazardous substances. The G-Sorb range includes pads, rolls, mini-booms, and pillows made from meltblown polypropylene, as well as granules of various kinds.

Sorbents fall into two main categories:
Polyvalent: Sorbents for various types of substances. In the G-Sorb range this category is represented by General Purpose sorbents (for all kinds of liquids) and Hi-vis sorbents (for dangerous acids and alkalis).

Monovalent: Sorbents for one kind of substance. In the G-Sorb range this category is represented by Oil & Fuel sorbents, designed to collect hydrocarbon-based liquids.


  • Tell the team at Gecko Cleantech exactly how you intend to use the sorbent. With the right information, our sales team can help you save time and money.
  • Cheaper isn't always better. A quality product often lasts longer and collects more than cheaper sorbents.
  • Separate sorbents for everyday use from those for incidents/accidents. The latter should be kept in a clearly marked spill kit so sorbents are always readily available in an emergency.
  • Where there is a risk of acid spills (around battery-charging stations, for example), pads, pillows, or chemically inert granulates are indispensable since concrete based granulates, for example, react with acid to form corrosive gases.
  • Spent sorbents must be handled in accordance with the regulations for the substance collected.
  • Sorbent disposal must be in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.
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