Personal Protective Equipment


Protective eyewear and faceshields

Gecko Cleantech® eye and face protection products keep the eyes safe from injury and irritation. Our safety glasses are highly functional and protect against a range of workplace hazards including projectiles, impact injuries, bright light, and UV rays. Only top quality materials that meet Australian and New Zealand safety standards are used.
Most of our safety glasses offer medium impact protection. Lenses are scratch-resistant, improving their durability without reducing visibility for the wearer. Lenses are also durable and impact resistant, keeping eyes safe and protected from projectiles. Anti-fog coating technology helps maintain full visibility in all climates. Safety goggles and faceshields are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit.


Gloves for industrial applications

All industrial gloves from Gecko Cleantech® are engineered and manufactured to meet global safety standards. They include a wide range of features that meet the demands of different types of industries and PPE requirements. For industries that work with chemicals and liquids, the range features liquid proof and chemical resistant options. Gloves are available in a wide range of materials, including leather, nylon, and nitrile rubber.


Everyday breathing protection

Manufactured for the highest levels of performance, Gecko Cleantech® respiratory protection products are designed to meet industry safety standards. P1 respirators protect against mechanically generated particles produced by sanding, grinding, and sawing. P2 respirators protect against mists, fumes, and vapours, in addition to dust this makes them ideal for welding, spraying, and garden dusting.

For high-risk environments, full-face respirator masks provide complete respiratory protection, keeping the wearer safe from asbestos dust, fibreglass, insecticides, and other toxins. Respirators are designed to mould themselves to the wearer for a better fit. They are made with lightweight materials and come with padding for extra comfort. These products are ideal for environments that require long-term respiratory protection.


Guard against hearing loss

Gecko Cleantech® hearing safety products are ideal for use in environments where noise pollution and excessively loud sounds are an ongoing risk. They are precision engineered to meet the highest standards in Australia and New Zealand.

Earplugs are available in corded and uncorded styles. They fit snugly inside the ear and are made of soft, durable materials that are comfortable and ergonomic without compromising performance. Earmuffs cover the ears completely. They cushion the ears and protect against loud noises. Earplugs can be used in conjunction with earmuffs if the wearer is exposed to environments with extreme noise levels.

Earplugs are shaped to fit the ear canal without applying pressure to them. Earmuffs have low headband tension for a comfortable fit and use sweat reducing materials to minimise discomfort and irritation.


Coveralls, Hard Hats, and Safety Vests

Gecko Cleantech® also offers a range of other PPE products, including coveralls, hard hats, and safety vests.

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