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Why buy degreasers from Gecko Cleantech?

Degreasers are used extensively in industrial cleaning.

As staff exposure is considerable, it is important to choose products that will have the lowest possible impact on health and the environment.

At Gecko Cleantech we’re experts at making exactly these product choices. We have several eco-friendly products and can help you determine which product you need to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, environmental safety, and economy.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements: we’ll help you make the right decision based on what you have to clean, the dirt to be washed away, and the application
method used.

Eco-friendly degreasers

The G-Wash® world-class range of products offers powerful yet safe substitutes for some of the world’s most common toxic and dangerous chemicals – many of which are probably in your workplace today.

Our range of products is the result of years of searching for the best science can offer in chemical safety. We’re pleased to offer a range of alternatives that are not just safer but are also more effective than the chemicals they replace. What’s more, it can all come at a cost saving to your business.

We believe that when it comes to safety – integrity matters.

Aromatic-free products

Aromatic hydrocarbons are hazardous carcinogenic compounds. They are found in petroleum products and are formed during incomplete combustion, such as in engines or in the event of a fire. In regular petrol, the proportion of aromatic hydrocarbons is approximately 35%. Aromatic hydrocarbons are also formed when barbecuing or smoking food (hence the recommendation not to eat burnt meat).

Many degreasers and cleaners have aromatic hydrocarbons, but we’ve worked hard to eliminate them from the G-Wash® range.

Parts CleanerParts Cleaner
2 Products
Marine DegreaserMarine Degreaser
4 Products
Graffiti RemoverGraffiti Remover
4 Products
Hand SanitiserHand Sanitiser
3 Products
Surface SanitiserSurface Sanitiser
3 Products
1 Product



I have utilised the services of Gecko Cleantech for almost three years now, they are an absolute delight!  Fast , Friendly and Efficient dealing with the team is an absolute pleasure.

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