Collapsible Oil Recovery Tanks


Designed for the recovery and temporary storage of liquids (primarily oily water), Collapsible Oil Recovery Tanks (CORTs) are available in sizes from 1,000L to 20,000L. Fitted with a Floating ring that rises and falls with the water level, they can be used on uneven ground with up to 10 degrees of slope.

They come with a detachable lid that is easily strapped down with buckles, as well as a heavyduty ground sheet that doubles as a protective carry bag with handles. The CORT itself is fitted with at least four carry handles around the base for ease of positioning prior to use. Tanks are cleaned and dried by hanging from the integral lug in the centre of the base.

CORTs are also used by firefighting agencies where a bulk water source is required for firebombing planes and helicopters.




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