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Why buy bunding from Gecko Cleantech®?

Gecko Cleantech® offers one of the largest ranges of bunding in Australia, from poly and steel drum and IBC spill pallets and workfloors, to hardcover outdoor bunds, to collapsible bunds and spill mats.

Spill Containment Systems You Can Trust

Many liquids used in industry require careful handling, and it starts with using the correct containment option. The liquids being stored, the volumes involved, and the location of the bunding all need to be considered when choosing bunding, as well as how the liquid is to be used.

Gecko Cleantech® offers a diverse range of spill containment products to cover almost any application. Polyethylene spill pallets offer a rust and corrosion free solution compatible with both oils and chemicals. Steel spill pallets are for compliant bunding of Class 3 Flammable Liquids. Polyethylene workoors allow liquids to be safely stored where they can easily be accessed by hand trucks and drum dollies. Collapsible bunds and spill mats provide a portable, temporary solution to bunding requirements, whether in the warehouse or out on site.

Many bunds can be fitted with tarpaulin covers for weather protection while outdoors. Dispensing trays are available for IBC bunds to facilitate safe and spill-free dispensing of liquids.

The Benefits of Bunding Systems

At Gecko Cleantech®, our wide range of spill containment products provide superior protection, minimising the effects of unintended spills. All our spill containment products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Our bunding is:

  • Rugged and durable
  • Compliant with relevant EPA regulations
  • Made of heavy-duty materials
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with a wide range of substances, including oils and chemicals
  • Available in a wide range of sizes

EPA Regulations

Any liquid that shouldn't be poured down a drain should be stored safely and in compliance with Federal, State and Local Government regulations most commonly, in or on a bund. Liquids that are kept unbunded also pose a slip hazard in the workplace. If liquids aren't stored safely, your worksite is probably noncompliant.

How big should your bund or spill pallet be?

This is one of the most common questions asked around bunding. And while local regulations may differ, typically in Australia the requirements are that the bund capacity should be whichever is greater of 110% of the largest container or 25% of the total stored on the bund. Which sounds confusing! However, to make it simple, all our 205L drum and 1,000L IBC bunds are designed to comply with these regulations:

301-1001 Single Drum Bund230L1 x 205L205L 52L 226L Y
301-1002 Two Drum Bund  250L2 x 205L410L103L  226L  Y
301-1004 Four Drum Bund249L  4 x 205L820L205L 226LY
303-1001 Single IBC Bund1260L1 x 1000L1000L  250L  1100L  Y
303-1002 Dual IBC Bund1200L  2 x 1000L2000L500L1100L Y

As you can see, the 110% rule applies in every situation listed above, but not always
when storing smaller drums:

301-1002 Two Drum Bund250L  18 x 20L480L120L 22LY
301-1004 Four Drum Bund249L  64 x 20L1280L 320L22L X


Also, 1000L IBCs cannot be stored on a four drum bund:

301-1004 Four Drum Bund246L1 x 1000L1000L250L 1100L X


Incompatible Liquids

Incompatible liquids should not be stored on the same bund, as they will mix in the
sump if both containers were to leak.

Outdoor Storage

Rain can quickly make outdoor bunding non-compliant. Best practice could
include regular, scheduled pump-outs, or bund covers to prevent rainwater
entering the bund sump.

A bund must have sufficient capacity to contain 110% of the volume of the largest container, or 25% of the total, stored on the bund whichever is greater. If you would like some help determining which bund best suits your needs, call us today we'd love to help you out.

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