Drain Protection

Drain Covers

Keep spills out of drains

Simple and easy to use: unroll the drain seal and place it over the drain. Forms to surface contours perfect forsealing drains in an emergency. Made from dual hardness laminatedpolyurethane. Compatible with oils, fuels,solvents, and most chemicals. Can be quickly cleaned with warm soapy water, making it ready for the next use.Carry bags are also available.

Spill Berms

Divert and contain spills on hard surfaces

Used in several applications including diverting and containing spills. Made from dual hardness laminatedpolyurethane. Compatible with oils, fuels, solvents, and most chemicals. Bends easily to ft almost any angleor curve, and seals to prevent seepage. Can be quickly cleaned with warm soapy water, making it ready forthe next spill.

Drain Pollution Guard

Filter hydrocarbons and sediment from stormwater

Drain pollution guards stop hydrocarbons and sediments from going down the drain. Developed and used inconjunction with environmental departments and councils, the drain pollution guard is designed for use onconstruction sites, at retail centres and parking lots, in council yards, and anywhere else debris and contaminantscan get into stormwater. Manufactured from a heavy duty geofabric filter material, the drain pollution guardwill stop silt, but has a low resistance to water ow, critical for efficient drainage. Also included is a oatingpolypropylene bilge sock, which helps remove any hydrocarbons present in the water. It is simple to install andreplace and can be cut down to ft any drain under 1200mm square.

Sediment Traps

Prevent solids and silt entering drains

Made from a heavy-duty geotextile fabric and filled with permeable gravel, these non-absorbent portablesediment traps are simple to use, fast to deploy, and easily repositioned. They are typically used to prevent solidsand silt from entering street kerb side drains and are ideal for quarries and construction sites.

Sand Filled Containment Barrier

Re-usable barriers for spill and ood response

Our long lasting, durable containment barriers are made from heavy-duty PVC and filled withsand. Their weightmakes them ideal for protection of stormwater or factory oor drains, surrounding leaking drums, or containingfactory oor and vehicle spills. Sand filled barriers are fully portable, with convenient carry straps for ease ofhandling, and multiple barriers can be quickly joined using theintegral Velcro joiners. They are also reusable andeasily cleaned.

Water Filled Containment Barrier

Compact spill containment and drain protection

Used to protect curb inlets from sediment laden storm water runo, these heavy-duty barriersare quick and easy toinstall and can be connected to form longer lengths if required. Easy to use just position and fill with water! They arequickly emptied and folded up for storage when not in use.

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