Why buy containment booms from Gecko Cleantech®?

With a network of manufactures located in Australia and all around the world, Gecko Cleantech® can supply product for almost any marine spill containment and clean-up requirement. The product range includes high quality, innovative products, including the revolutionary HARBO® T-Fence containment boom.

What are the products used for?


Containment booms are part of the initial response process. They are used to contain (surround) spills with an impervious barrier, both minimising the impact of a spill on the environment and keeping it in as small an area as possible. This makes recovery of the spilled liquid much quicker and simplifies the final clean-up process. Booms are available for sheltered and open water applications, and can
be supplied in bags, cartridges, or even on reels.


Typically deployed once a spill is contained with booms, skimmers are used to recover the spilled liquid. Various types of skimmers are available, but the outcome is the same: the spill is removed from the water's surface and pumped to a holding location often a collapsible tank.


Collapsible tanks are mainly used to provide temporary onsite liquid storage at spill incidents. Various tank types are available, including self-supporting auto tanks as well as frames with liners. Other use cases include water storage on construction sites and temporary ponds for emergency firefighting.


Powerpacks may be required to operate marine spill containment and clean-up equipment, including containment booms, boom reels, and skimmers.

We offer a wide range of equipment for marine spill response including open sea booms, skimmer systems, and powerpacks. Please contact us for information.

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