What are the different types of absorbents used for?


  • Use to form a temporary bund or dam to contain fluid
  • Do not use as a large mop
  • Use to divert spills away from drains, stock or equipment
  • For increased length and to ensure a complete seal, boom ends should be overlapped by approx. 300mm


  • Use to stem the flow of liquid in a confined area or as an ‘ad-hoc’ drain blocker
  • Place behind mini-booms to absorb the contained spill
  • Place under dripping pipes or leaks prior to repair
  • Use to plug  openings, holes, or drains to prevent seepage

Granular Absorbent

  • Primarily used on roadways where it is not practical to use other absorbents
  • Use in workshops, machinery yards, on construction sites
  • Can be used as a cheaper and more convenient alternative to polypropylene absorbents - just grab a bag and go!


  • Use for the absorption of a spill, but only once it is ensured that containment is complete
  • Use pads to wipe down clothes, hands, floor, and any items contaminated by the spill


Which type of absorbent do I need?

Absorbents are colour coded for easier selection.

GREY: GENERAL PURPOSE The all-liquid absorbent for oils, fuels, solvents, cutting compounds, mild alkalis and acids, wine, milk, and of course water.

WHITE: OIL-ONLY Absorb oils, fuels, solvents, and other hydrocarbon products, but will not absorb water.

YELLOW: CHEMICAL These products will absorb virtually any fluid including the most aggressive chemicals.



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