Spill Kits

Stationary and portable response kits for accidents

One of the most popular categories in the Gecko Cleantech range is spill kits. Wheelie bin, site box, and portable bag kits are equipped according to what chemicals in what volumes are handled nearby.

Kits are categorised into two categories: for firm surfaces, and for maritime environments. They predominately contain sorbents, personal protective equipment, and waste disposal products. Spill kits for maritime environments contain sorbents suitable for use both on water and on nearby firm surfaces.

Spill kits should be kept sealed to prevent staff members mistakenly using contents for daily operations. Training sessions are available for users requiring instruction on how to handle the equipment.

Spill Response Training

Gecko Cleantech offers a wide range of training courses to suit all levels of customers. Our training is conducted by experienced trainers and has been accepted by local, state, and federal government bodies, multi-national manufacturing and construction companies, and water and electricity utilities etc. Courses on offer include:


A one hour spill response course at your site, covering the basics of spill control and how to respond to small spills. Ensures all employees who are required to use spill kits and response equipment are trained to respond correctly to an incident.


Body: A 4-6 hour training session, covering types of spills, the different spill response products available, ways to minimise the risk of spills, and finishing with a hands-on outdoor spill exercise.


A full day of spill training, covering types of spills, the different spill response products available, best practice response procedures, and spill exercise and response planning.

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Spill Kit Maintenance Program

Includes regular site visits at frequencies to suit your requirements (e.g. monthly, quarterly etc.). Kits are checked and replenished to original levels, ensuring you are always ready for a spill. No need to waste time checking and restocking kits we do it all for you.

Contact us today for further details on our Maintenance Programs and Training Sessions. Pricing is based on your specific requirements.



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