Spill Control Basic Training

A one hour spill response course at your site, covering the basics of spill control and how to respond to small spills. Ensures all employees who are required to use spill kits and response equipment are trained to respond correctly to an incident. Pricing is based on your specific requirements.

Course Procedure:

The introduction to the course ensures all participants are made aware of their responsibilities, legal obligations, and duty of care in the workplace. Information is provided regarding the different absorbents available, methodology of containing liquids, and options in relation to the appropriate steps in attending to a spill.

The main content of this course concentrates on the correct six step procedures for using spill kits. This is broken up as follows:

  1. Initial Response Evaluating the spill incident
  2. Control Stopping the spill
  3. Containment Containing the spill
  4. Clean Up Absorbent selection and use
  5. Disposal Methods Ensuring the used absorbent materials are disposed of in the correct manner
  6. Reporting & Restocking Reporting to management and other relevant authorities and ensuring all used materials are replaced
A certificate is issued to each participant on their successful completion of the course. Course duration is approximately one hour. The ideal number of participants is 10-15, max 20.

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