Worried Your Spill Kits Are Non-Compliant?

Posted by John on 6 September 2019
It seems there is some confusing misinformation being circulated about wheelie bin spill kits and Australian Standards, so we thought we'd clear things up for everyone.
The facts?  There is no Australian Standard (or government legislation) stating what colour your wheelie bin...
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SpillBoss Poly Bunding - Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Melissa on 3 April 2018
Okay... I was tasked with the job of writing a post about our SpillBoss poly bunds - the main problem being I know nothing about bunds  Yep!  Nothing... so I look up our previous blog posts on bunds, beginning by clicking through the many posts on our website - there are a lot! ...
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SpillBoss Granular Absorbents

Posted by Melissa on 12 February 2018
SpillBoss Granular Absorbents
There are a few points which apply to all our SpillBoss granular absorbents. How to use: In the event of a spill, (provided it is safe to do so) you would normally try and stop the spill at the source, barricade any drains nearby and then contain the spill to keep it from spreading.&nb...
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How Marine Absorbent Booms Work

Posted on 5 January 2018
How Marine Absorbent Booms Work
Oil spills in bodies of water have very harmful effects on the marine ecosystem and human health. Containing and cleaning up the spill can take a long time and a lot of effort. To respond to the spill quickly, a marine spill kit is needed. A marine spill kit contains different kinds of components...
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Spill Kit Maintenance 101: The Basics of Maintaining Spill Kits

Posted by Andy on 24 November 2017
Spill Kit Maintenance 101: The Basics of Maintaining Spill Kits
Your first defence against spills in the workplace is a spill kit. It helps you provide a fast and direct response to general or hazardous liquid spills. Selecting the right spill kit for your workplace helps contain potentially dangerous discharges from escalating into a major spill with a disas...
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