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Worried Your Spill Kits Are Non-Compliant?

Posted by John on 6 September 2019

It seems there is some confusing misinformation being circulated about wheelie bin spill kits and Australian Standards, so we thought we'd clear things up for everyone.
The facts?  There is no Australian Standard (or government legislation) stating what colour your wheelie bin spill kits need to be.  And neither is there a standard reserving any particular colour wheelie bin for an exclusive application.
That said, we would recommend that the colours you use are consistent across your site.  One of the more common wheelie bin spill kit colour schemes is:

  • BLUE bins and lids for general purpose spill kits; YELLOW bins and lids for hydrocarbon-only spill kits; RED bins and lids for chemical spill kits

In the last couple of years there has also been a push to promote the following colour scheme:

  • LIME GREEN bins with GREY lids for general purpose spill kits; with WHITE lids for hydrocarbon only spill kits; with YELLOW lids for chemical spill kits
And there are still more alternatives - but in practice it is the spill kit label that indicates what the spill kit is for, irrespective of the wheelie bin colour.

If you need more information or have any further questions please call us today - one of our friendly sales consultants will be able to help.  But if you're happy with what you have, just keep them as they are; no one can tell you your spill kits are non-compliant based on the wheelie bin colour.

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