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G-Tex Ultra Grime Industrial Wet Wipes, ctn/6

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Ultra Grime Industrial Wet Wipes Resealable Pack.  Ultra Grime wipes are large, strong, and effective on even the most stubborn oils, paints, greases, and inks.  They are designed for people and surfaces.  The wipes are alcohol-free and dermatologically tested.

• Quick clean-up - removes grease, paint, silicone, foam and adhesives
• Unique grease-busting ability - eats through oil, grease and grime
• Super-strong pouches that stand up to almost any environment
• Vitamin E and Aloe extract; contains antibacterial agents
• 100 huge wipes for speedy cleaning - 250mm x 380mm
• Collects dirt like a microfibre cloth and keeps it on!
• Hand safe and dermatologically tested
• Super-soft, strong, and absorbent
• Large absorbency capacity
• Safe for use on all surfaces
• Very low foaming
• Alcohol-free



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