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Toxic chemical spill in NSW cleared up 'without incident'

Posted on 17 August 2012

One hundred litres of a highly toxic and potentially explosive chemical that spilled at an industrial site near Newcastle have been mopped up without incident, authorities say.

Police established a 300-metre exclusion zone and evacuated 100 people after a 1000-litre drum of methyl ethyl ketone cracked at a warehouse in Tomago about 1.45pm (AEST) on Thursday.
Power was switched off in the neighbouring area, streets were closed and all ignition sources were removed as hazmat officers in fully encapsulated suits inspected the site and began the cleanup job.
Six Fire and Rescue NSW crews worked to contain the spill and the area was deemed safe by Thursday evening, Superintendent Paul Bailey told reporters.
"Everything is either back open or in the process of being reopened," he said.
"We've had no run-off into waterways."
A spokesman earlier described the chemical as "highly flammable, very explosive, very toxic".
It's believed the tank containing the liquid had rolled from a forklift.

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