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Spill training made easy

Posted on 14 January 2013

If a spill was to occur, would you know how to respond to it?

The purpose of "Spill Savvy", Argyle Commercial's basic spill kit training course, is to provide basic on site awareness to personnel in the workplace of their responsibility and duty of care in relation to the environment, including a brief overview of different spill control and containment methods and the appropriate steps in using spill response kits.

The main content of this course concentrates on the correct six step procedures for using spill kits. This is broken up in to the following:

Initial response – Evaluation of the spill area

  • Control – Ensuring the affected area is safe. Using PPE correctly.
  • Containment – Containing the spill
  • Absorbent Selection – Using the correct absorbents in the correct sequence.
  • Disposal methods – Ensuring the used absorbent materials are disposed of in the correct manner.
  • Reporting and Restocking – Reporting to Management and any other relevant authorities and ensuring all used materials are replaced.

This is a great course for companies wanting to improve general workers awareness to responding to spills, and is very popular with warehouses, manufacturing companies, construction sites etc.

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