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Oil spill near Los Angeles minor, secured, remediation under way

Posted by Administration on 7 August 2013

A crude oil pipeline near an Alon Energy USA asphalt refinery in the Los Angeles area leaked about two barrels of crude on Tuesday, but the leak was secured and crews are removing and treating soil in the area, an Alon spokesman said on Wednesday.

Alon subsidiary Paramount Petroleum Corp operates one of the pipelines in the area, but ownership of the pipe that leaked 'has yet to be determined,' spokesman Blake Lewis said.He said Paramount helped with cleanup 'in the interests of getting the problem solved.'

Paramount's and other pipelines in the area, including one owned by Crimson Pipeline LP, were shut Tuesday when the spill was found. Crimson said the spill did not come from one of its lines, but the company shut it as a precaution.

Source:  XE News

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