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Fatal truck accident causes major fuel spillage in Victoria

Posted on 14 September 2012

A truck has crashed in Victoria's north, killing the driver and causing a major fuel spill that has forced the closure of the Hume Freeway.

Emergency services are on the scene attempting to contain the fuel near Violet Town, south east of Shepparton.

A CFA spokeswoman says an estimated 40,000 litres has leaked onto the freeway and some has entered waterways.

Workers have put a bund around the truck to contain the spillage.

Police say the vehicle was travelling north about 11pm on Thursday when it jackknifed, rolled and ended up on its side.

A car and a second truck collided with the wreckage, but neither the driver of the car or the second truck was injured.

The driver of the first truck died at the scene.

The spokeswoman for the CFA said workers had gas detection equipment on the scene.

"It's not exceeding flammable limits outside the crash scene," the spokeswoman said.

However there is a strong smell of fuel around Violet Town and the Hume Freeway is expected to remain closed throughout Friday morning.

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