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Andy's Week - Major Project Using Argyle Silt Curtain

Posted by Andy on 15 August 2014
Andy's Week - Major Project Using Argyle Silt Curtain

They're working down by the river, in the west, across in Perth,
Building bunds and dredging, and moving tons of earth;
All eyes are on the project, just below the CBD,
It's a major undertaking known as Elizabeth Quay.

To keep the silt from spreading, and dirtying the river,
They needed a premium product such as Argyle could deliver;
It needed to last for the project, six months or more to go,
And be strong enough to stand up to all rates of water flow.

We came up with a solution, supplied a guarantee,
Got it made and there by the deadline, the client was so happy;
The Swan is as clear as crystal, the job is going well -
The nearby tower keeps it all on time by the ringing of the bell!

So if you've got a job like this and need to get some curtain,
There's just no other place to go to get it, that's for certain;
For expertise and quality, if you want peace of mind
And value, come to Argyle, all this and more you'll find.

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