Whatever the application, there's a G-Tex wiping cloths to suit.

G-Tex wiping cloths are among the best in the world. The wide range includes both basic wipes as well as specialist products to cover every need, from textiles, to advanced non-wovens for sensitive surfaces, to dierent types of paper cloths.

If you pick up a used rag from a rubbish bin, you will often see that they are only partially soiled. Over time, that's a lot of textile not being used. As G-Tex wipes are cut into smaller, uniform sizes, more of each wipe will be used, reducing your environmental footprint and costs.

Quality, ergonomics, economics, and environmental safety are what are making G-Tex one of the most popular brands for professional wiping.

G-Tex: Wiping Products for Every Need and Application



The service and value for money we have received from Gecko Cleantech is second to none.

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