Sediment Control with Gecko Cleantech

Gecko Cleantech supplies the high quality Flowmasta® range of sediment control products. We offer an extensive selection of silt fences, socks and bags, sandbags, geotextile rolls, dewatering bags, and silt curtains, as well as all accessories.


When it comes to quality, rest assured: our Flowmasta® range is second to none. We have been supplying sediment control products for many years now, and you can be sure you will find what you need. The effectiveness and reliability of our solutions are unquestionable, and with a diverse range of products, you can be sure you will find what you need. If we don't stock it or make it ourselves, we have a network of suppliers we can tap into to find it for you.

Use Flowmasta® sediment control products for peace of mind - Flowmasta® products have been trusted by some of the biggest names in construction for many years.

FlowMasta:  Controlling Water Everywhere



I have utilised the services of Gecko Cleantech for almost three years now, they are an absolute delight!  Fast , Friendly and Efficient dealing with the team is an absolute pleasure.

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