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Spill kit maintenance program: are your spill kits up to date?

Posted on 2 April 2013

Do your spill kits look like they need a good clean? Are they being used as rubbish bins? Half empty? Are you worried what will happen when you have a spill? Are you fully stocked and prepared to respond to any incident?

Argyle Commercials spill kit service ensures that your spill kits are maintained, well stocked and checked at periodic intervals.  This program includes regular site visits at frequencies that suit your requirements - this could be monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.

All the spill kit hassles, complications and problems you experience are removed when you take advantage of our Kit Check™ program.

What does it invlove? In regular intervals, we will visit your site and audit your spill kits. We will record any missing components etc. and then restock the kits to standard levels. There is a small call out fee, and then you pay for the items you have used. It's that simple.

Don’t wait – do it NOW. Fill in the form below and one of our consultants will be in touch with you to discuss a servicing program, suited to your requirements.

Click here to request a site visit.

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