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Spill Kit Maintenance 101: The Basics of Maintaining Spill Kits

Posted by Andy on 24 November 2017
Spill Kit Maintenance 101: The Basics of Maintaining Spill Kits
Your first defence against spills in the workplace is a spill kit. It helps you provide a fast and direct response to general or hazardous liquid spills. Selecting the right spill kit for your workplace helps contain potentially dangerous discharges from escalating into a major spill with a disastrous environmental impact.

Like the other safety equipment in your workplace, spill kits require regular maintenance checks to ensure they are ready for immediate use.

General Maintenance Details

The first step is to train your personnel how to properly maintain your company's spill kits. You might want to ask our friendly customer service team about our basic, intermediate and advanced spill response training courses that include lessons on spill kit maintenance.

Once your personnel understand spill kit maintenance, the next step is to add regular checks to your company's overall maintenance schedule. Industry standards recommend that spill kits are checked at least every three months. However, high-risk areas such as mines and power plants will require more frequent checks.

Spill Kit Maintenance Procedures

When conducting spill kit maintenance, check the contents against a content list; basic contents should include an instruction card, protective gear, absorbents and waste disposal bags. Check that the supplies are in good working condition, within their use-by date and without signs of wear and tear particularly absorbents and containment barriers. Replace any open packages.

Also, check that all spill kits are stored in an easily accessible location for immediate response to a spillage.

How Argyle Commercial Helps You

Since 1997, Argyle Commercial has been a leading supplier of spill response equipment, storage solutions for hazardous liquids and engineered silt curtain solutions. We help customers comply with environmental and OH&S regulations, while making work environments safer and more risk free.

If you need to replace missing or worn out spill kit materials, call 1800 006 099.
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