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Our Ocean, Our Duty: Why It is Our Responsibility to Protect Marine Life

Posted by Rick on 10 August 2017
Our Ocean, Our Duty: Why It is Our Responsibility to Protect Marine Life

Industrial industries and factories that are close to bodies of water may contribute to spills or pollution. Unfortunately, several companies are unaware of their impact on marine life and carry on with their devastating practices. While the effect isn't instantaneously seen by the human eye, it doesn't make the conservation of our oceans any less important, however.

The Ocean is the Lifeblood of the World

Although human beings live on land, we shouldn't forget that oceans are the still the biggest ecosystems on Earth. Water makes up over 90% of the habitable space on this planet and, according to researchers, around 50-80% of life is found underwater some yet to be discovered.

Our smaller bodies of water all rely on the health of the ocean. By protecting the ocean, we are protecting everything that generates half the oxygen we breathe. As the ocean also influences our weather and regulates temperature, it, in effect, is a major factor in keeping all organisms on Earth alive. The ocean provides both water and food. Without it, life on earth won't be possible.

Take Action and Do it Now

Each year, oceanic conditions worsen. Oil spills, coral reef damage and plastic trash threaten our marine life. Oceanographers even predict that immediate action is crucial for the long-term survival of our oceans.

As an individual, we have the power to make a difference but we can make more of a difference as part of a bigger initiative. Educate yourself and your people in ocean conservation methods and make the conscious choice to protect our planet's most important resource. In showing that you care for the environment, you also uphold your corporate social responsibility (CSR) values.

As a company with the power to help with conservation efforts, Argyle Commercial will do what is right and supply clients with environmental control products, including spill kits for oil spillage and dangerous good storage products. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business protect the ocean.

About Us:  Since 1997, Argyle Commercial has been a leading supplier of spill response equipment, dangerous goods storage and engineered silt curtain solutions.  We help customers comply with environmental and OH&S regulations, making work environments safer and more risk free.

This blog post is intended as a guide only, and should not be relied upon as professional and/or legal advice.  Argyle Commercial will not be held liable for any damages or losses caused by using information provided in this post as a basis for any decision where any such damages or losses may result.

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