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How to Clean Up Spills at Home and at Work

Posted by Rick on 16 November 2016
How to Clean Up Spills at Home and at Work

"You cannot prevent a spill. At home, all types of liquids get spilt; kids spill juice, milk and any type of liquid, and when you're entertaining guests, you can almost always expect some amount of wine to spill as well!

At work, however, a chaotic area can lead to chemical, oil or fuel spills. Spills at home are inconvenient, whereas spills at work can quickly turn hazardous.


A prompt clean-up is necessary for either scenario. You do not want to let the spill sit. When you wait, it soaks in and contaminates the surface, while increasing the risk of people slipping over. The impact of a spill at work becomes even riskier as hazardous liquid can cause fire, contamination and illness.

You will need proper tools to clean-up spills. Home spills may only require a clean cloth and appropriate solutions to prevent stains. On the other hand, workplace spills require the personnel responsible to clean-up the spill to put on all relevant safety gear before working on the spill.

Soak Up Any Liquid

Whether the spill is at home or at work, absorbent materials are one of the most highly effective tools for cleaning up spills.

First off, absorbent booms can contain the spill. Containment reduces the spread of the spill and helps you minimise the clean-up area. It also shortens the time it takes to restore the tidiness of an area, and restricts the spill's impact, which is crucial for oil and fuel spills.

Our dimpled absorbent pads can soak up oils, fuels, solvents, cutting compounds, mild alkalis and acids, milk and water, and wine. Dimples make the pads stronger and tear resistant. Hydrophobic pads (which will not absorb water) are suitable for oil and fuel spills and home and in the workplace.

After clean-up, absorbents will require proper disposal, particularly oil soaked materials. Proper disposal prevents further hazards and pollution.

Learn more about our environmental protection products, and speak to one of our product specialists today!

About Us: Since 1997, Argyle Commercial has been a leading supplier of spill response equipment, storage solutions for hazardous liquids and engineered silt curtain solutions. Since 1997, we've been helping customers comply with environmental and OH&S regulations, while making work environments safer and more risk free.

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