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But what if you don't have a Gecko employee on hand?

Posted by Melissa on 21 October 2021
But what if you don't have a Gecko employee on hand?

Back in November 2017, long before (anyone had heard about a particular virus) we were Gecko Cleantech, Andrew was driving on the M5 in Sydney when he noticed that a truck had sprung a leak.  The spill was moving rapidly across the motorway from the emergency lane, so he quickly stopped behind the truck and grabbed some sorbents from the ute.  He then worked with the police to stop the spill from spreading any further, averting a traffic jam.

This truckie got lucky, but what will you do if you don't have a Gecko employee on hand and your truck starts to leak fluid?

You can be held guilty if you wilfully or negligently cause the spill of a substance that is a threat to the environment: read more here.

But there's no need to stress; because if you have a vehicle spill kit as your first line of defense, this should protect you, your company and the environment.

Our vehicle spill kits come in a variety of sizes (15, 30 and 50 ltr), and we even do 100 ltr marine vessel kits (you'll have to get in touch for this one).  Available in General Purpose, Oil & Fuel and Hi-Vis (Chemical), there's most likely one that's right for you.  Check them out here.  We can customise all our kits to suit your needs, just give us a call and we'll sort it out!


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