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Andy's Week - The Ballad of the Argyle Spill Kit

Posted by Andy on 18 July 2014
Andy's Week - The Ballad of the Argyle Spill Kit

If you're looking for a spill kit, then you can't go past the best,
There's no question that the Argyle kit is far above the rest;
Oil-only, general purpose or for chemicals we've got,
With booms and pillows, pads and more, you'll find they have the lot.

Particulate's another line we shift a lot of this,
The mineral absorbent's one that you'll not want to miss,
We also move a lot of peat; it's lightweight and it floats,
It's often used on waterways and kept in kits on boats.

There's lots and lots of other lines, too much by far to list;
Were we to try to list the lot for sure some would be missed,
So have a look! You're on our site, just move your mouse and click,
We're sure you'll find just what you want it's bound to do the trick.


Argyle Commercial supplies a whole range of spill kits to help you comply with the relevant regulations.  Our range includes oil-only spill kits, chemical spill kits and general purpose (universal) spill kits.  Kits come in a range of sizes from small bag/vehicle spill kits up to large 660L spill kits custom kits are a specialty!  To discuss your requirements today, call us on 1800 006 099.

This blog post is intended as a guide only, and should not be relied upon as professional and/or legal advice.  Argyle Commercial will not be held liable for any damages or losses caused by using information provided in this post as a basis for any decision where any such damages or losses may result.

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