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Absorbent pillows. What are they used for?

Posted on 8 April 2013

An often unknown, but very useful product is the absorbent pillow.  These are used in all sorts of applications such as in drip pans, in hard to reach places and more.

They come in three different grades:

Absorbent Pillows for Universal Spills

Absorbent General Purpose pillows are perfect for around equipment and machinery.  Ideal for all types of oils, solvents, water, coolants and more, they are great for hard to reach areas.

Oil-Only Absorbent Pillows / Oil Pillows

Oil absorbing spill pillows are designed to absorb large amounts of petroleum and oil products that are too much for a pad.  These pillows are great for many different jobs especially for catching drips and spills underneath equipment or horizontal drums. These spill pillows will only absorb oil and petroleum products – oil-only absorbents repel water and water based liquids..

Yellow Absorbent Chemical Pillows / Hazardous Spill Pillows

Absorbent chemical pillows are designed to absorb large amounts of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids including oil, water, acid, bases and many other fluids. Hazardous Spill Pillows are ideal for absorbing unknown spills. The Chemical Pillows are yellow so they stand out from other absorbent pillows.

For further information on our pillows, including sizes and codes, click here!
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